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Singing bowl, 10cm, engraved pattern, including ringing stick - 4 pieces

These singing bowls are made of copper/brass/nickel alloy and each have a pure rich tone. Everything is energy and energy is vibration. Even our cells have a vibrational resonance. Sound that we hear is only a small part of the frequency spectrum. Being in the presence of of pure, harmonious sound waves has physiological effect on our bodies and minds, syncing brainwaves and providing a calming effect. Each ringing bowl includes a hardwood ringing stick. Note that we do not supply leather wrapped sticks for a couple of reasons. One being that leather tends to be too smooth to set up the vibration in the bowl easily, and 2, there is a glued seam where the leather wrap meets itself, causing a disruption in tone as this seam passes against the bowl. We find that hardwood ringing sticks are both easy to use for both beginning and expert bowl-ringers, and provide a much better tone than softwood stick or the leather-wrapped variety.

Nepali made handcraft. The purchase of which supports local Nepali families who make these items, and all profits from sales go to the support of our 'boots on the ground' team of volunteers at Onebody Foundation, Nepal

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