100% of profits from our site go to support our humanitarian team in Nepal, providing solar projects, community development programs and education sponsorships.

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About Us

Our mission is to support the people of Nepal. 

Bio - Terry H Clarke

Our founder, Terry, is a humanitarian through and through. Terry was in Nepal at the time of the big earthquake, 25 April 2015.













Terry discovered that he had a knack for being able to get things done despite seemingly unsurmountable challenges and stayed on supporting the rebuilding of schools in the Ghorka region for the following 18 months.

However, it wasn't just about the building schools for Terry, it was more about the opportunity to transfer valuable skills and technology to the local villagers, and so introduced the building technology of earth bag building.

With the support of NGO's and charities around the world Terry formally founded the Onebody Foundation

Onebody Foundation is a humanitarian, community service, non-government, non-profit, charitable organisation operating in the New Humanity Collaborative Community, and abides by the NHCC code of ethics

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