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Bracelet, mala bead, 27 beads, buffalo bone, adjustable 11cm (closed), 34cm (open) - 20 pieces

These beautifully polished smooth bone beads are a joy to handle. Mala beads in the East, Rosary beads in the west. Beads have been used for thousands of years in some cultures, as jewellery, musical instruments, religeous purposes, even money! These hand-polished beads are made from cow or buffalo bone. Cows are sacred here in Nepal, often found sitting in the middle of the road, no one asks them to move, they are simply let be and people simply drive around them. Bone is not like ivory!! Buffalo and cows are not killed for their bones!!

Nepali made handcraft. The purchase of which supports local Nepali families who make these items, and all profits from sales go to the support of our 'boots on the ground' team of volunteers at Onebody Foundation, Nepal

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