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Education Sponsorships

The Onebody Foundation provides education sponsorships to worthy children from poor families who would not normally be able to complete their education.

Typically, in rural villages children are pulled out of school by their parents as early as possible. One reason is that the family would rather the child helps on the family farm, another is because they can't afford the school costs.

To counter this the Onebody Foundation is sponsoring children to stay at school.

High-School costs are about USD$200/year for books and the monthly school fees.

We are calling for sponsors to help make a difference in these children's lives by enabling them to finish their schooling, giving them opportunities for further education or employment.

If you wish to help with education you can do this in one of two ways:

1. General Donation to Education Fund

Simply donate using the donations page, and make a note on your order that you wish your donation to go towards education sponsorship. We will use the money for one of a number of purposes, including;
-making small one-off grants to families to assist with certain education related costs,
-to top up funds used for the Specific Child Sponsorships if need be,
-to provide certain post school short courses for school leavers (as per our first sponsorship, Urmila, see her story in our blog and FB page)
-subsidise school based mathematics programs (in partnership with provider Maths Australia)

2. Sponsorship of a Specific Child

You may wish to undertake to sponsor a specific child. To do this the commitment is to sponsor a child for 1 complete year, payable monthly over a period of 6 months at $35 per month.
You will be introduced to your child and receive details of their name, age, school, location and photograph. You will also receive regular updates as they progress through the year.
Note that PHN does not provide lump sum payments to the child's parents or carer as this is open to misuse. Instead PHN is intimately involved with the childs family and the school and pays the school/supplier directly or upon receipt of paid receipts.
PHN continually monitors the child via the school to ensure that the sponsorship is being used appropriately , i.e. child remaining at school, child's participation level high etc.

Please contact us and we will match you with a student.

These sponsorships require a lengthy process to qualify candidate children, maintain extensive monitoring and interaction thoroughout the school year involving regular visits to remote villages etc, and do incur a cost to run, however all sponsorship money does go to the recipient or education program intended.
We cover our admin costs from funds raised by product sales on our site.

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