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Alternative and Integrative Oncology - Dr Greg Fredericks

The Quintessential Reference Guide to Evidence Based Cancer Therapies.

In a world with ever-increasing rates of cancer, this book gives inspiration, hope, and empowerment to those who face the challenges of the future.

This book is was written for those pursuing Alternative Cancer Therapies and/or Integrative Orthodox Treatments.

This is a clear evidence-based approach with up to date information describing over 300 alternative cancer treatments from around the world.

Although technical aspects of Oncology and Pharmacology are discussed, students and novice researchers will find this book useful, supportive, educational and most of all a tool for learning to improve outcomes.

The reader will find quick reference tables for cancer cell types along with specific anticancer remedies, herbs, and isolates of various levels of proven efficacy.

The book contains illustrations, diagrams, graphs, and photographs of Notable People in Cancer Research over the centuries with their historical discoveries.

It also contains a glossary of terms and an extensive index for cross-referencing. Various paradigms of thought in formulating cancer diets are discussed.

This massive 1.145kg compendium contains 260,000 words on 300 pages; the culmination of an extensive 5-year research project.

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