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Covid-19 Awareness Page

COVID-19 (Wu-Flu) is the biggest scam ever perpetrated upon Humankind, second only to the inception of the Rothschild Central banking system in 1913.

Turn off the TV programming (they're not called 'channels' and 'programmes' without a reason), take a walk outside in the fresh air and sunshine, eat healthy organic food; Health is a natural state, it's what we do to ourselves that compromises this.

I know that you have peeked through the blinds and seen people keel over in the street, have brothers, parents and children that have all passed on due to Covid, and that your FB and Twitter feeds are full of friends and aquaintances all dieing ; really?

Reality is what you see around you, not what you are programmed to beLIEve.

It is intimacy that makes us human.

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